Band Merchandise – The Beatles

Band Merchandise was a collection I developed for my Simple Product Design course.

My brief dictated the use of Terracotta which helped me combine the odd flavour of this material(that is only mostly seen as planters and wind chimes) combined with the promotion of merchandise.

I wanted to take up music merchandise to build awareness for the music scene in India, to make something around the promotion of Indie music, as a viable career option. I saw potential in the material I use for expression and decided to build a product out of ceramic. I wanted to take up local artists but that would’ve limited my target audience as their fan following is very community and culture specific. 

So I decided to take up a band that’s already a large brand label. Thus, the fab four.
Keeping in mind that I’m still working toward making this a mass-produce-able product, my challenge was to I had to come up with ways to achieve complex surface visuals with minimum effort. My final process can allow only So you can prepare any of these within 10-15 minutes(after slabbing) with little to no prerequisite skill for painting.